From the President End of Year 2018

This is the time of year when I try my best to summarise our activities and give an indication of what we have in store for the coming year. The events that we have carried out most appreciated by our members is when we have a overnight stays in beautiful parts of the country when we can all relax and soak in the atmosphere of the surroundings without having to worry about having to get back home sometimes in the dark. Our Classic cars have their shortcomings in the head lighting area, well at least mine do. To be fair in my summary of the year we have had a few disappoints as well. A couple of our monthly runs had a low turn out due to bad weather. It is very disheartening for the organisers when that happens but nature is what it is and we are blessed that bad weather is an infrequent event here on the Costa del Sol. 

I must mention a new innovation we tried out that was very successful indeed, and that is Pieter and Kay’s “Flag Run”. Some of us, myself included, were unfamiliar with the methodology have read all the instructions were still unsure how everything would work out. Well it worked out very well indeed. Pieter did say to me that he wished that there had been a larger turnout. There were no negative comments from members expect for one observation and that was the run did produce a small “convoy” effect that should be avoided. I am sure when the members become more familiar that effect will sort itself out. We certainly will be trying this method of navigation in the future, maybe on some of our smaller runs.

Another new venture we participated in this year was our BBQ on the beach. John and Christine Colton were instrumental in preparing this event. On the surface it would appear straight forward but when it comes to asking permissions from the local authority and hiring the BBQ boats, nothing is simple. Once the fire had been lit, I was pleased to see members joining in and helping with the cooking. Greatly enjoyed by all and we will repeat the event in the coming year. 

The last couple of months your Committee has been working hard to produce our Fifteen Year Anniversary book. Credit goes to Mike Glithero ably assisted by Caroline White the designer of the book. Several members have contributed substantial content for the venture and without giving anything away, we will be pleased with the final product. Committee member that deserves credit for spending considerable number of hours phoning and emailing to obtain advertisement for our venture is Lynda Teasdale. Her work has ensured that printing costs will be fully covered. Caroline White had given our Club a very reasonable quote for her work and all felt she deserved recognition for her efforts so, as Committee we hosted her at our Winter Ball. She was the only one to be given this recognition all other visitors invited to our Ball did so at their own expense, including the representatives from Cudeca. We are all very happy to have participated in the raffle and the contribution made by your Club to the very worthwhile charity that is Cudeca. 

Some other news for all. Some of our past members have decided to renew their membership for 2019 have had a short break from our activities. I personally am very pleased they have returned and will make a point of welcoming them at the forthcoming AGM. One notable couple by the name of Linda and Mike Hennel will be re-joining us. They were the original founders of the our Club some fifteen years ago and they good friends of Stefan and Judy. 

January 15th2019 starting at the Los Olivos Calahonda

This is our first event of the New Year and it is a re-run of the last October run organised by Mike and Sue that unfortunately was spoilt by the heavy rain. A very dejected Mike Glithero last time, we just hope that this time around we are in better luck. 

Retro Malaga on the 25,26 and 27thJanuary

This year your Club is taking a stand in the exhibition. A small area will allocated to our Club and we will be taking our Gazebo and flags to advertise our Club. We will be displaying two cars on our stand and handing out literature to anyone seriously interested in our activities. As it is a three day event, we need volunteers to man our Stand. Needless to say your Committee will be present but we do need assistance. Above is a picture of last year’s proceedings 

Wednesday the 23rdof January Club AGM to be held at the “Jinete”

Our AGM last year had its controversial moments and your Club is hoping that this year will be different. All posts are open to all members. We will be sending out all the paperwork in the New Year together the minutes from last Year. S

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