FTP August 2019

From the President August 2019

I don’t usually send out a FTP in the month of August as this time of year my family are down for their summer holidays and this year is no exception. The only difference this year is that we have substantially more tourists than years gone by. Very good for local businesses but a little hectic for normal residents. We have some reporting to do and some news to impart, so here goes;-


Volunteers required for our 2020 events programme

Over the years we have had some varied events up and down the Costa and sometimes inland. Because we have been in existence for so long it has required real imagination to come up with novel monthly outings. So we, that is your Committee, are asking for volunteers to come forward to help our Club through 2020. Anyone who does step forward will be given substantial help by other members who have already contributed. It really is not that onerous and there are no restrictions on the format of the event. We have gained a great deal of experience over the years on what works and what is well supported by the membership. That experience and help is available to any member wishing to hold an event. So please have a think and contact John Richardson our hard-working Secretary.

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