StreetsThe Sol Classic Car Club was formed in 2004. The first meeting was on March 1st, when six of us got together with the idea of forming a Car Club – at that time, there was no English-speaking car club in our area of Andalucia. The main instigator was Nick Coombes. He was the owner of the bar “Streets of London”, and for several months we met there. When we were searching for a name, we chose the SOL Classic Car Club reflecting our “birth” at the Streets of London, and the fact that we are on the Costa del Sol.

The first club run took place on May 8th 2004. Bob Livermore has unearthed the report of that run and a picture of the six cars that went on that run, to a restaurant called “Silks”. Click on the links to see the reports.

1st club run report

Silks run

After a couple of months, Gethin Jones joined us. With his knowledge and enthusiasm the club grew quite rapidly. At about the same time, Bobby Lines became the first official secretary. She soon faced a growing work-load as the membership increased.

We soon outgrew the “Streets”, mainly because of the parking. We searched around for a new place to meet, and after trying several places, we chose the El Chaparral Golf Club. Now the monthly dinners are held there on the second Wednesday of each month.

Bob Livermore was one of the orignal six. Back then he had this Morgan.

Bob Livermore was one of the orignal six. Back then he had this Morgan.

Caterham at the marina

John’s Caterham 7 is the only car still in the club which was at the first meeting.