John Campbell Caterham Se7en

DrawingThe Lotus Seven was designed in 1957 by Colin Chapman. Lotus developed and built four versions of the Seven, from 1957 until 1973.
In 1973, Lotus stopped building the Seven and sold the rights and tooling to Caterham Cars. Caterham continued building the series 3.
Caterham built this car in 2003 and exported it to me in Spain.
At the gates of Morella









Caterham Roadsport 115
Engine 1.6 litre K Series MG/Rover.
16 valve DOHC
Max Power: 115 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Max torque: 107 lbsft @ 3000 rpm
0-100 kph: 6.2 secs
Max speed 180 kph (Mfg figures)

I took delivery in Barcelona, where I was working on a yacht at the time. A friend from Alhaurín came to help me do the first long drive back. It was winter and we had to cross the Sierra Nevada, so we both went equipped with silly hats to help stay warm. Getting the luggage in was a jigsaw-puzzle, but eventually it all fitted and we made the trip without problems.

After 13 years I sold the car, with some regrets, but it has been a fun time of my life. This was one of the original 6 cars in the club, and the last one to go…..

Nice hats

Will the luggage fit