Nick Wadham – Horace the Morris

Morris 1

Cowley 2 seater with dickey.


Engine…Morris Hotchkiss 2.5 4 Cyl.

Bought by me in 2000 and had a new soft-top made and the engine rebuilt, overseen by the seller before shipment from UK. Arrived by lorry having had the clutch and one big-end destroyed by the transport company employees. This I found out later and had no proof of the abuse the car had suffered so no retribution. I just got on with it and repaired the clutch (2 cork insert plates running in engine oil) and fixed the big end, (this is a long story I might tell later) so the car could be driven. I have been having problems with this ever since and have had the sump off many times to try and fettle the big- end with varying degrees of success. At present, it seems to be holding up so keeping my fingers crossed. I have also replaced the engine bulkhead, found a clock, speedo, horn, mirrors, petrol can and other bits and pieces and fitted them as well as painting the rear mudguards, scuttle panel and generally making him (Horace) presentable. I also made a battery box and fittings which were absent.

Now used gently on local jaunts and avoiding hills where possible.