Ole Gunnar Braaten – Jaguar XJ6

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Jaguar Type XJ6 3,2L I. Year 1991
6 cyl 3,2 l (200Hp) petrol
The car was delivered to Geneva, Switzerland, to P.Kjeller-Garage du Port, 28 June 1991.
Jesus Blanca Botella, Torremolinos was the 2.nd owner of the car.
Itv inspection and new registrarion plate: 7290CZM 05-08-2004
The car failed the Itv 17-06-2009 with 111.000km om the speedometer.
After this the car was stored away in a garage until by luck I found it in my servicegarage in Jan 2016.
The car needed now a new cyl head gasket, and some more minor repairs.
The owner of the car was interrested to swap the car with me -I  had a Mercedes 280 se. The swap and the repair done, and the car finally passed the Itv. Im now the 3.rd owner of the car.



Ole Jag