Pieter Van de Lustgraaf’s Triumph

triumph in SpainMake  :          Triumph.
Model :          TR 250 , Surry Top
Year :            1968
Engine :         2498 cc.,  128 hp.
Brief History:
                    TR250 was produced from 1967 until  1968 (15 months) in Coventry by Triumph Motor Company Ltd.
                    member of the British Leyland Motor Corp., for the USA market; with left hand steering and 2 carbs.
                    Total produced:  8484, of which there are left ; about 1.000.
                    This car returned to Europe (Germany) in 1994. Exported in 1998 to Holland.
                    And totally restored in 2009 with 2 SU carburettors.
                    Six cylinders in line.
                    Weight 1.034 kg.
                    Centre locking wire wheels.
                    4 forward gears, synchr. on all 4, with overdrive.