Stefan and Judith Nicholson – a Morgan and a Morris








We have lived in Gibraltar for 39 years and have had connections with the Sol Club since it was formed. We are founder members of the Gibraltar Classic Vehicle Association which was formed 15 years ago and we have always tried to support other clubs in this area. Last year we joined in with quite a lot of the Sol events so finally thought that it was about time that we became members.
We own two cars, one is a Morgan + 8 built in 1997. The engine is a V8 3.9 litres. The registration is G 188 and the colour is Royal Ivory. we bought the car direct from Morgan and at that time the waiting list to build was seven years.
        Our other car is a vintage Morris Cowley “Bullnose” 1925 Tourer. It has a 11.9 HP engine delivering 27 bhp. The body colour is blue with black mudguards.