From the President February 2019

There had been some anticipation in our Club for the three day event planned for our visit to Carmona and the publication of our awaited Fifteen Year Anniversary book. I am very pleased to say both events have been well received. Our glossy book is now being eagerly read far and wide. 

Your Committee has agreed that all members will receive a personal copy free and further copies that they may wish to sell (€5) to interested classic car enthusiasts.

Carmona February three day event 

Stefan and Judith have really excelled themselves in the planning and execution of this event to the point we are all wondering how we are going to come up to the same standard. My concern was how I was going to manoeuvre my car through the very narrow streets of Carmona. Stefan had assured me that there would not be a problem and given that Tony was also going to bring his large car, I had no option but to follow suit and not let the side down. Tony does have an advantage over me in that he has power steering and I do not. The only small incident we had was Karsten and Angelica’s Mini expiring half way up the Ronda road. In the start briefing Stefan had made clear to all forty-four of us that the run would be a leisurely affair and there would be plenty of opportunity to stop and admire the view, having taken this advice on board, when I saw the little Mini parked to one side I assumed that all was well and duly waved at Karsten as I drove by, not knowing that he had broken down. My apologies, thankfully John Colton was more attentive than I. 

We arrived at our lunch stop wondering what had happened. Soon all was revealed by John. As you can see the Mini was already on its way to the garage and Karsten and Angelica on their way to Carmona directly in their trusty Mercedes. My concern was I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the planned events for the three days. We attracted several members of the Gibraltar car club, some of whom were so pleased that they have also joined our SOL Club. 

Wednesday the 13thMarch Club Lunch at the Los Olivos.

By now a very familiar venue for our Club. More of our members now reside in the Marbella part of the coast so we have moved the focus of our Club in that direction. It is the usual time and I hope to see everyone. 

Estapona Hill Climb scheduled for the Saturday the 16thMarch

Our regular Saturday run on March 16 is going to be something very different. Nick Wadham-Sutton, our Spanish Liaison Officer, has arranged for the club to be included in the Estepona Hill Climb.

This is the plan; We meet for lunch, then have a short run concluding at Estepona around 18.30 pm. The Hill Climb Competetion will have ended for the day, our cars would be on display whilst the competition cars have their procession and introduction to the public, this will all take place in the centre of town so spectator numbers are expected to be high. We would depart around 20.00 pm.

Estapona old town is worth a visit even if hill climbing is not of interest to out classic car owning members. The Ayuntamiento in town has welcomed our Club in the past. I hope good number of Classics turn out. John Richardson has sent out an email asking members to indicate their interest. I will be handing out Club logos for attachment to cars that and SOL15 books. Anyone interested in Classic cars will also be given a business card with Club contact detail. 


We are all very familiar by now with our two Bank Accounts, one in Spain and the other in Holland. I have to inform members of the number of complaints I have had from members unable to deposit into our Dutch account. Spanish banks are by European Law required to treat all European Banks equally, unfortunately Spanish Banks are using devious methods to avoid our Dutch Bank. The usual excuses are that the Dutch IBAN number is wrong, or the SEPA code is wrong or the trusty stand by of an exorbitant transfer charge. 

We have opened our Dutch account as it is virtually free compared to the Spanish bank account and given the difficulties experienced with transferring funds using the Spanish account we made the decision to open the second account. I am asking everyone who has had a problem to inform me of the bank concerned so that I may lodge a formal complaint, the Dutch authorities are experienced in breaking down the Spanish iregularities. Rest assured I will respect everyone’s privacy and yes I do know the complaint process. 

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