From the President June 2019

It has been three months since I sat down to pen a few words about our Club, an omission on my part that I will now correct. It was all due to my computer breaking down and my reluctance to replacing the machine without having an attempt at a repair. Needless to say, all my attempts failed and I faced the prospect of enriching El Corte Ingles. As you may know I am very fond of large Apple machines and not too enamoured with the other variety. Anyway, the problem has now been solved and here I am again as I have a number of events to report and news of the immediate future to write about.

Estepona Hill Climb Event March 2019

We were asked by the Estapona Ayuntamiento via the good offices of Nick Wadham if our Club would like to hold a static display during the hill climb event. Nick accepted the invitation on our behalf and organised a run to coincide with the main event. The local police had been warned of our impending arrival and had reserved parking area especially for our cars. I shall hurriedly add that we were not expected to be involved with any of the hill climbing in any way, and given the type of cars roaring past while we were having a small beer, I am not at all surprised. 

“Very interesting” one member was heard to say but not our kind of thing, best left to the younger people who can stand the discomfort and noise of which there was plenty. Some cars looked as if they were made for the event and if they didn’t last the day it would not really matter. I think our taste in cars was a novelty for the crowds that had turned out but they were a hit with the small children. 

Wednesday the 10thApril Club Lunch at the Jinete

This venue has featured in our calendar over the last few years and lately we have had reports that members are starting to wonder if there are alternatives for our mid-week lunch meetings. I think the quality and service has dropped off lately leading to members’ dissatisfaction. Your Committee has taken aboard comments made and shall be looking for an alternative. 

Cordoba “Los Patios” Club event May 2019

Much anticipated three-day event that was a member’s outing in which our cars did not really feature. In fact, we had asked members to come in their modern cars due to the difficulty we would experience with the hotel parking. Yes, it was really that cramped even Hebbi’s Mini had a problem. John and Christine had well organised the event with a good choice of hotel right in the old city. We had to follow John into the city as he had already mastered the one-way system. As on previous three-day Club outings, the turnout was very good indeed. 



We can no longer tolerate the vagaries of the Spanish Banking system and the power service they have given us. We are particularly unimpressed with their ability to take our money levy high maintenance charges and be unable to allow electronic Internet means of transferring funds. I have made so many visits to the Unicaja over the last year that I have lost count. So members please be informed that I made one last visit to transfer our remaining funds to our Dutch account and CLOSED the Unicaja account. 

June Club Lunch at the El Campanario

We had our Club Lunch at the El Campanario. The turnout was less than our normal given that many members were away from Spain for the month of June, Hebbi and I included. I am assured that the service was its usual high quality. This venue is continuing to be appreciated by members, not surprisingly as it is one of the destination places on our calender 

June Run

I am sorry to say due to my absence from Spain in the month of June I have very little information on the run other than it was a collaborative effort by both John Richardson and Nick Wadham who organised the run starting from Venta Platero in Coin. It must have been a very hot run as far as I could tell sitting at home in England looking out to the constantly grey sky that England is so famous for.

Summer Garden Party and BBQ in Valtocado July the 10th

We have sent out brief details for our much-anticipated garden party, that we are very pleased to say is being supported by the majority of our members. We did not expect such enthusiasm judging by the number of confirmations we have already had. Considerable planning has gone into this event by all Committee Members to arrive at the most value for money event for our Club. 

As it is the height of Summer on Wednesday the 10th of July and the sun will be hot, we will start our festivities at 6.30pm for 7.00pm. I suggest we all meet at the BP Alhaurin Garage, a venue we all know well by now, at about 6.00pm and then drive towards Mijas. The Urbanisation Valtocado is only three kilometers from the BP garage. As one passes the “Venta Las Condes” the Urbanisation is on the right hand side at the bottom of the next hill. We have arranged a duo for live music and one of our members Tim Platten will be providing a sound system to entertain us all. All food and drinks will be provided by our Club free to members but we have to charge 10 euros to non-members. The musicians come highly recommended by at least two members and myself. I have attached a map of the Urbanisation. 

SOL Car Club Website 

I am very sorry to inform everyone that our website has been hacked by malicious people who must get a sadistic pleasure in such activity. I have taken the course of disabling the site until adequate measures have been implemented to correct the problem. Hopefully we shall be up and running again shortly. 

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