From the President September 2019

I hope you are doing well, now that the summer heat has subsided a little, although when I arrived back from cold wet England I was still taken aback at the contrast, expecting it to be a lot cooler. Leaving the issues of England behind is a relief in itself and I will refrain from mentioning the “B” word, better to watch from afar. We have been looking forward to our mini-break that has become a regular feature of our annual activities, and we were not disappointed with the events organised for our Club. John Richardson, as usual, pulled out all the stops and every single step worked out beautifully, particularly that half the time he was not even in Spain. The latest innovation instigated by John, is to dispense with our traditional “tulip diagrams” and use the latest technology by producing route diagrams directly courtesy of Google maps. This approach has the added advantage of reducing Club expenses as no need to reconnoitre the route beforehand. Well done John.    

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