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Our website has been running for a number of years and has recently had an upgrade to bring it up to date with the latest news and to include new member’s cars and comments.  


The Sol Classic Car Club is a friendly informal group of like-minded people, who enjoy their cars and enjoy exploring the side roads and byways of this wonderful area where we are fortunate enough to live.


We have monthly lunches on the second Wednesday of the month, followed by a run on the following Saturday. Most of the runs are just a day-excursion, but occasionally there are longer runs where we may go away for a weekend. 




SOL_Classic_Car_Club_Qasim_messagePresident’s letter to members

All good things start with an idea that steadily takes root, with input from all directions. The Club started life in a Restaurant owned and run by Nick Coombs by the name of Streets of London, hence the play on the initials SOL, that conveniently encompasses the Costa del Sol area of Spain. Your Committee is very fortunate in having members who have run companies and have specific experience in publishing, giving our organisation
a considerable advantage for producing a professional document. 

As can be expected for an organisation like ours, there is a constant increase in membership and a steady flow of members returning to their home countries. Overall our membership has increased with the Club attracting members from several European Countries. Because of the broad appeal of our Club we have included several pages of home language articles, hopefully of interest to all.  

 Our meetings and runs, especially runs that include overnights in interesting locations, are particularly well attended. Over the years members have become friends that seek out each other’s company and for me personally it is really heartening to witness a convivial atmosphere at each of our events. 

The Club would not be what it is today without tremendous dedication from our membership. I would particularly like to extend warm thanks, in no particular order to past participants Paula Williams, Richard Joss, Robert Livermore, Jean Joss, John Blackburn Francois van Hoof, Gethin Jones, Bobby Turley, Nick Coombs, John Campbell, Carol Lindores, Ray Hollands and Jim and Charlene Sutton all of who have had a hand in the inception and development of our Club. 

Our present Committee is carrying the Club forward and our thanks goes out to Nick Wadham Sutton, John Richardson, John Colton Lynda Teasdale and Mike Glithroe. We still have our monthly mid week lunch meetings followed by a run at the weekend. Over the years we have sampled many a restaurant and venta here in Andalusia, some have lived up to expectations and some have fallen short. We have settled on three establishments that we frequent on a rotational basis because we have found that basing ourselves in one is not in the best interest of our Club.

Our definition of a Classic is a car that is at least twenty-five years old or fifteen years old that has been in production for twenty-five years.   

Qasim Shaikh