Tools for Sale

Good Morning Mr Richardson,

My name is Anne Ogilvy. My husband David, was a mechanic all of his working life.In the early years, he worked on classic cars, and racing cars, and also raced at circuits around the U.K. unfortunately he died six weeks ago aged 68… and I now have the task of clearing out his garage. I feel sure that there are many specialist tools in there so, I thought that perhaps some of your members or their mechanics would be interested to have a look with a view to buying some items? I also found two Astrali steering wheels…one wood one leather…both 38/39 cms. I live in Alhaurin el Grande,and you are very welcome to visit and have a look through everything.

Please feel free to contact me on this email address

or if you prefer you can call me on my landline….952119790.
Anne Ogilvy