January “From the Committee”

From the Committee January 2016

An excellent New Year start for our Club, the whole Committee was re-elected for another year at our AGM and we are pleased to say that members took the floor and expressed their opinions on the way the Club was run and in particular came up with several suggestions for the year ahead. A lively discussion ensued when members were asked what they appreciated most during 2015. The overwhelming opinion was that themed outings were the most memorable and in particular weekend away for two or three nights were sighted as very enjoyable.

Several Club members have confided in the Committee saying that they enjoy the SOL Classic Car Club for its relaxed atmosphere and leisurely runs and its ethos of one large family where everyone knows everyone else. We are very glad to hear these comments and are very aware that a Club needs new members as existing members leave to return to their home countries.

Given members comments at our AGM we will move the Club forward by refreshing and updating our public image. Club hats, jackets with club logos, a refreshed Club website plus Club Car plates are all in the works. Our Treasurer, Paula carefully controls our spending and we can be rest assured she will continue to do a splendid task for our Club. Club expenditure will not be committed without Paula’s and the Committee’s prior knowledge.