March 2016 – Run to El Torcal

Report by John Campbell

Photos by John except where noted.

We met at the BP Garage by Alhaurín Golf, and it was a gloriously clear and sunny morning. About a dozen cars turned out.

We headed up through Álora, towards Antequera, making a coffee stop in Valle de Abdalajís, at a small bar El Pino.

Bar el Pino - photo by Brooke

Bar el Pino – photo by Brooke


Suitably refreshed, we continued the drive to El Torcal.

There was a bit of confusion about the parking at El Torcal – when the top car park is full, you have to park on the main car park next to the road. That was fine, and there was plenty of space.


Parked at El Torcal

Once we were safely parked, out came the sherry and the orange juice to fortify everybody for what lay ahead.

The path up the hill

There were three options. The more intrepid chose to walk up the road towards the top. Qasim assured everybody it was  only about a kilometer to the top! The more observant of our group saw the sign saying it was 3.7 kms, but several elected to walk up anyway. We were rewarded by marvelous views along the way, looking across to the snow-capped peaks of the Montes de Málaga in the distance.

We could look down on the parked cars below us.

Looking down on the parking


Some folks chose to ride up in the small shuttle bus and the rest decided to stay with the sherry bottles!

Guarding the sherry bottle
Snow in the distance

El Torcal is famous for the incredible rock formations and an abundance of the Ibex deer.




All too soon it was time to head back to the cars, to go for lunch. There was a small adventure left in store for us as we followed the instructions to the lunch stop. The last entry in the road book was missing, so it left a few of us circling the countryside looking for the place.


Eventually we all found the Lugar de Pepe, near to Casabermeja, where we enjoyed a convivial lunch.


As ever, Brooke and Camille were prolific in their photo-taking. Click here to see a slideshow of their photos.